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Tractor Mounted Raised Bed Planter - BBF Planter

Benson Agro developed Raised Bed Planter (RBF) / BBF 5 Tyne is going to make a big difference in agriculture practices and will prove to be boon for our farmers.

Raised Bed Planter Machine

image of Raised Bed Planter Machine
Row to Row Spacing 8" to 18"
Seed Hopper Capacity 30 Kg
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity 38 Kg
Power Required 35 HP
Working Area 2 Acres per hrs

Raised Bed Planter Machine

Abrupt Environmental Changes, diminishing rainfall and other such uncontrollable factors are accounting for great Agricultural losses. There is an immense need of mechanization of dry land farming in world.

After plantation timely irrigation is possible only if proper facilities are available, else germination of sown crops solely depended on rains. If the depth of sowing is improper or because of irregular rains, the crisis of subsequent sowing still remains. Studying the needs of dry land farming “Benson Agro Engineering” has developed a Raised Bed Planter(RBF) or BBF Planter. The Specialty of this planter is that it can sow wide varieties of crops like Maize, Soyabean, Greengram, Blackgram, Tur, Groundnut, Sunflower, Cotton, Sorghum, Mellet etc. on a raised bed and at the same time make furrows, Using Raised bed Planter, Sowing can be done at different row spacing ranging from 8” to 18” whereas the depth of sowing can be maintained up to 2”to 4”. Thus after germination, even if the rains delay upto 8 to15 days, the need of resowing is avoided.

A suitable metering mechanism comprising fluted rollers is provided which meter the seed and fertilizer to be applied. This mechanism is driven by ground wheel which is connected to the front of the implement. Before sowing, the flow of seed and fertilizer can be adjusted using “Adjustment knobs” according to the sawing pattern and crop to be sown. To the rear of implement is a leveler which cover the sown seeds with the soil and thus levels the bed. Both leveler and ridger can be adjusted for required depth whereas the tynes can be adjusted laterally.