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Grass Cutter / Brush Cutter Machine

Brush Cutter tool is used to trim wild grass, small trees, harvest crops, cut weeds and other foliage. There are 3 types of brush cutters that are Handheld, Walk-Behind and Tow-Behind. Brush cutter comes with an engine that supports the body and gives the energy to a rotary cutting head. The other components of the brush cutter are trimmer head, handle, blades, and shaft.

Seed Drill

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Grass Cutter / Brush Cutter Machine

Function Wild Grass Cutting, Brush Cuter
Model 40F
Power 1.25 kW
Automation Grade Manual
Forward Speed 8000rpm
Displacement 35CC,43CC,52CC
Fuel Tank Capacity 1 ltr
Driven Type Petrol, Diesel