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Multi Crop Harvester Machines

Harvesting Machine is mechanical equipment that is used to harvest crops. Harvesting machines are divided into several categories based on the crops they harvest. Reapers are used to cut cereal grains, threshers are used to separate the seed from the plant, and corn or maize harvesting is done with a specially designed mechanical device called "mechanical corn pickers." A standard harvesting machine has three parts: a traveller, a reaper, and a baler.

Benson Agro Engineering offers Mini Combine Harvester and Reaper Harvester for Paddy/ Wheat/ Sorghum, this Harvesting Machines which is made of high quality material and its quality tested on various quality parameters.

Seed Drill

image of Mini Combine Harvester

Mini Combine Harvester Machine

Model Benson
Power 20 HP
Transmission Mechanical
Fuel Consumption 12-20 Kg/Hm2
Weight 950 Kg
Brake Type Internal Jaw
Engine Ower 14.7 kW
Fan Diameter 250 mm
Fan Type Centrifugal
Feed 1.0 Kg/sec
Header Width 1100 mm
Hourly Production 0.07 to 0.135 Hm2
Min Clearance 172 mm
Overal Dimension 2590x1330x2010 mm
Speed 2200 RPM
Theratical Operating Speed 1.6 to 2.8 Km/Hr
Type of Concave Screen 12 H. P. Onwards
No. Testing Item Unit Designed Value
1 Model & Specification /
2 Structure Form / Crawler propelled
3 Engine Model /
Type / Water-cooler Condenser cooled
Power Kw 14.7
Speed rpm 2200
4 Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 2590*1330*2010
5 Weight kg 950
6 Header Width Mm 1100
7 Feed Kg/s 1.0
8 Min clearance mm 172
9 Theoretical operating speed Km/h 1.6~2.8
10 Hourly production Hm2 0.07~0.135
11 Fuel Consumption Kg/hm2 12~20
12 Type of cutters / Reciprocating type
13 Thresher drum quantity pc 2
type Main Drum / Stripping belt
Auxiliary Drum Axial flow spiked
dimension Main Drum mm 1397*725(circumference*width)
Auxiliary Drum Diameter 240*1023(external diameter *length )
14 Type of concave screen / Grid type
15 Fan Type / Centrifugal
diameter mm Diameter 250
quantity pc 1
16 Crawler Specification(pitch X pitch number X width) / 80mm*32*280mm
gauge mm 610
17 Transmission / Mechanical
18 Brake type / Internal jaw
19 Re-thresher type / Axial flow Spoked
20 Grain collecting type / Manual grain collecting

image of Reaper Harvester

Reaper Harvester Machine for Paddy/ Wheat/ Sorghum

Model 4GL-120
Power 7HP Diesel 178F or 9HP Gasoline 177F
Type Vertical, 4 Stroke
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Lubrication Method Centrifugal Splashing
Starting Method Hand Pull or Electric Start
Operator 1
Cutting Width 1.2 M
Productivity Per Hour 0.16-0.32 Acres per hour
Total Crop Loss Rate (%) Wheat <0.5, Rice<1.0
Minimum Cutting Height (mm) >50
Total Weight 180Kgs
Crop Pepper / Paddy / Wheat / Soya / Grass
Size (MM) (LxWxH) 1200*80*750mm