Government Subsidy Approved

Benson Paddy Thresher FF

Features of Benson Paddy Thresher FF:

  • Efficient: The thresher is designed to remove grains from cereals plants with speed and efficiency.
  • Versatile:the machine can also be used to thresh other crops such as wheat, millet, sorghum, oil rapeseed, soya beans, etc, increasing its value and usefulness.
  • Durable Made from high quality materials the thresher is built to last and can withstand heavy use in tough conditions.
Paddy Thresher FF

image of Paddy Thresher FF
Model No. PTHW-EL-FF
Capacity Paddy rice ≥ 550kg/hour
Wheat ≥ 400kg/hour
Power require : 7.5 HP
Voltage NONE
Packing Size 680 * 410 * 970 mm
Gross Weight 48kg (not include engine)
Spindle Speed 750 - 800 rpm/min
Fuel Consumption 2 L/h